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Republican Family Values 0

There been quite a bit of who-shot-john lately about Herschel Walker and his family values (or perhaps one should say, “families values”). Some are taken aback that, despite his family values (or lack thereof), Republicans seem to still support him in his race against Georgia’s Senator Warnock.

Will Bunch has a theory as to why that is. Here’s a bit of his article:

It’s easy to reach for the simplest explanation of why a deeply flawed candidate like Walker is still in the running: That in an era of negative partisanship, there is no scandal that trumps the desire by Republican voters for a GOP Senate that would block President Joe Biden’s judicial nominees and prevent what they call “the woke liberal agenda.” And that’s surely part of it — but there’s also something much deeper in play.

The conservative movement is about one thing: preserving traditional hierarchies, especially around white privilege and patriarchy, by any means necessary. In the past, democracy — in times and places where white Protestants were the majority — often served that agenda well, and there were dirty tricks like Jim Crow laws for the places where it didn’t. But in an increasingly diverse and better-educated America, the old hierarchies are fading. So today, the far-right has a brand-new tool kit — a belief that Christian law trumps the will of the voters, or that vote counts don’t matter because elections are rigged (although they aren’t), or merely faith in the raw power of imposing unqualified candidates on the body politic.

I commend the entire article to your attention.


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