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Thanksgiving Reminder 1

It wasn’t the Pilgrims.

(Remember the Pilgrims*? They were the folks who settled in New England because they couldn’t find Virginia–which was probably just as well. Their brand of theocracy probably would not have gone well with the Virginians, who were basically in it for the money. However, there seem to be some who would attempt to re-establish their theocracy today.)

In the English-speaking heritage of the United States of America, it was the Virginia colonists.

But even they have a shaky claim to being the absolute first.

Oh, and have a nice Thanksgiving, those who celebrate it.

*This is a great link!


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  1. Opie

    November 23, 2006 at 11:45 am

    Kevin Phillips is so wild-eyed in his bigotry he can’t even stop to check his facts:

    However, we can all too plausibly contemplate a recent watershed in which fundamentalist and evangelical churches play the dominant organizational role in supporting the Republican party that other groups— business, labor, farm, pro- and antislavery—enjoyed in earlier presidential cycles.

    Devoted Christians, black and white, played such a huge role in the abolitionist movement that rehashing the history of it for someone as prejudiced as Phillips would be like talking to a rock. He’s an educated man; if he wanted to learn about it, he already would have.

    Has anyone ever seen Phillips actually offer any solution to his Christian problem, or does he just complain about us? What would please him? Should we evangelicals not vote? Should we vote, but only by his morals and not our own? Should we be disenfranchised?

    Maybe we should be made to wear crosses when in public at all times… or at least when we are in view of an election judge.