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“It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To,” as sung by H. Clinton 0

The Demon Princess looks at Senator Clinton’s campaign’s conduct and the flap over the Michigan and Florida primaries.

Yeah, the flap appears to be flapping more and more slowly, though agonized supporters of Senator Clinton appear to be swearing to destroy the Democratic Party, since the Senator’s attempt to end run the rules has been stopped with only a five yard gain (and no touchdown in sight). Follow the link for the full demonic analysis:

What a sad and debilitating circus for the Democratic party, and one that lends more than a little credence to what guest Pastor Pfleger of Obama’s (now former) church in Chicago lampooned as Hillary Clinton’s sense of “entitlement,” especially after the DNC rule-makers all got together and decided to seat the delegates of the contested Florida and Michigan primaries, albeit with just half the votes they would have had otherwise IF THOSE STATES HAD FOLLOWED THEIR OWN PARTY’S RULES.

Seems to your Demon, that, as Donna Brasile noted, if Hillary had followed through on her promise to play by the rules in Florida and Michigan, where voters were told well in advance that their votes wouldn’t matter if they insisted on defying party rules about not trying to race around and cut in line ahead of other states without waivers from the DNC to do so, she couldn’t now be accused (justly) of whining that the rules should be changed to benefit her.

I used to know someone from Massachusetts. I once asked, “How can you take the city name Hav-er-hill and turn it into Hav-rill?” (That’s “Hav” with a long a, by the way.) The response: “I don’t make the rules.”

As I have pointed out, Senator Clinton agreed to the rules. But apparently with crossed fingers.

I’m tired of crossed fingers from our elected (and appointed and civil service and military) officials.


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