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Why Do Republicans Hate America? 1

After all, they keep attacking it. In a column about Dick Cheney’s “joke” about West Virginia, the New York Times points out

Of course, these swipes at parts of the United States have become something of a pattern within the Republican Party — Ms. Capito’s comments not withstanding.

One of the first pages in the Republican playbook these days is to run against “San Francisco values.” This campaign cycle, in Missouri, Republican Congressman Sam Graves is already using the phrase in television commercials against his Democratic opponent.

In his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention, President Bush took a swipe at Hollywood.

Massachusetts is also a frequent target. A few years ago, then-Senator Rick Santorum, commenting on the Catholic Church sex scandal, said it was “no suprise” there were revelations coming out of Boston, because it was a liberal bastion.

Attacks on New York used to be common. They seem to have declined in recent years — perhaps as a reaction to Sept. 11, perhaps because San Francisco and Hollywood are glitzier targets.


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  1. Opie

    June 3, 2008 at 4:58 pm

    The Times must have gotten a new shipment of gall in to write an editorial like that after the regional, racial and religious prejudices of the Democrats.

    And may I proudly join in the Hollywood bashing?