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Oh, Stop with the Republicrap Already 0

Via Dan Froomkin (emphasis added):

In an interview with The Associated Press, Cheney also said that Bush has no need to apologize for not foreseeing the economic crisis.

“‘I don’t think he needs to apologize. I think what he needed to do is take bold, aggressive action and he has,’ Cheney said. ‘I don’t think anybody saw it coming.’ . . .

Who saw it coming?

Everyone. Anyone.

Rubini. Krugman. Krauss. Just to name three.

But “I don’t think anyone saw it coming” is sure a nice out for those who did it, ain’t it.

Anyone who paid attention. Everyone who did not drink the Republican Kool-Aid.

Even Li’l Ole Me, who ain’t even an economist and whom nobody’s ever heard of (follow the link–it’s from earliest days of this blog, before I turned political).

I didn’t used to be a liberal.* Republicans made me one.


*Though I’ve always been a civil libertarian–not the same thing.


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