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I have an ambivalent relationship with Daily Kos.

Why the ambivalence?

dKos is so big as to be overwhelming.

I may go weeks without visiting it, then visit it frequently for several days.

Both its strength and its weakness are that any registered user can post there, though only a few get to post directly to the front page. The action’s on the sidebar.

There is much good, sensible analysis and writing there, especially on the front page and in the “Recommended Posts” at the top of the sidebar.

There is also much dreck and sturm und drang, much as in our political discourse as a whole.

What most annoys me are the periodic dust-ups and agonizings (on the sidebar, not on the front page) over some sentence or quotation or passing news item or suspected political gaffe that, for heaven’s sakes, nobody’s gonna remember tomorrow.

But I never miss the daily “Your Abbreviated Pundit Round-up,” delivered conveniently to my RSS feed.


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