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The Big Republican (Updated) 0


Mudflats has details:

This may be bigger than hula-hoops, cabbage patch dolls or Pokemon cards! The latest Republican fad seems to be apologizing to Rush Limbaugh. We all know that sometimes it’s hard not to speak your mind, especially when inspired to do so by the bloviations of America’s favorite….bloviator. But we also know that the Republican Party will have none of that. Apologies to Rush Limbaugh are coming thick and fast.

John Cole has commentary:

. . . the fact that Republican leaders regularly prostrate themselves before El Rushbo means that Rush does in fact speak for the Republican party; and most of what he’s doing is telling Republicans to oppose Obama.


Margaret Carlson at Bloomberg.


The Booman explains the rise of Rush. A nugget:

No, no one has done more to deserve his present position of prominence within the Republican party. But as we all know (because Clint Eastwood told us so) “Deserve’s got nothing to do with it.” No Rush is The Man for one reason and one reason only: he’s the last [anatomical reference] standing.


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