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From time to time, I tinker with my sidebar. That thing over there


that almost no one (spellcheck won’t find missing words) looks at after the first visit.

Usually the tinkering takes the form of adding or removing a plugin (like that “Deep Tho’ts from John Handey” thingee that every once in a while rolls over and plays dead) or changing the order of stuff (as when I moved the “Search” window higher, which I did because I use it frequently to make sure I’m not repeating myself or to remind myself of exactly what I might have driveled on about in the past).

Some while ago, I gave the blogroll a major trim and restyling, reflecting more my changing interests since I first set it up than anything about who might have been removed from it. I tried to do two things: cut it down to a manageable length and reduce the number of big, well-known sites that most folks are likely to have bookmarked anyway, unless they were sites that I regularly visit myself.

Today I added a new link to the Blogroll. I wouldn’t usually mention that, except that this blog is particularly creative.

I’d suggest starting with this post.


He calls himself a libertarian. He seems saner than most libertarians I’ve known personally, most of whom could give how-to lessons on dogmatism to Jesuits.


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