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A Dose of Reality 1

My leftie friends who complain that President Obama has not changed the world,nor moved the planets in their orbits, and nor leapt tall buildings in a single bound during his ten months in office would do well to read this.

Then start calling and writing their congresscritters rather than sitting back and bitching.

Winning the election was reaching the starting point, not crossing the finish line.


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  1. Karen

    November 27, 2009 at 8:38 pm

    Even though I’m not one of the leftie friends, I read it. It makes sense. It’s not been long enough, given the divides he has to work with. With those divides, if he can get done half of what he talked about, he’ll be doing good.

    Now later, when I lose my patience, I’ll try to remember this & call/write the congresscritters. Maybe they’ll listen.