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Anyone who is surprised by Mr. Obama’s decision to push the war in Afghanistan wasn’t paying attention during the campaign, when he repeatedly said that one of the reasons the war in Iraq was wrong (aside from the whole war for a lie thing) was that it took attention away from Afghanistan.

It continually surprises me how many of my leftie friends listened to him throughout the past two years and didn’t hear what he was saying, and are therefore worked up because his actions in office are consistent with his statements during the campaign.

Don’t like it if you think it’s a bad idea, but for Pete’s sake stop acting surprised at something as predictable as a blizzard in Colorado.


Do I think it was a good decision?


The Republicans made such a mess that there were no good decisions left. Making messes is what Republicans do. It results from making decisions rooted in ideology and fantasy, rather than in objective reality (and, if you want to argue whether there is such a thing as objective reality, please go stand in front of that bus coming down the street, then come back after it has hit you and we can talk)

It was probably the least bad decision, but I fear that the Previous Federal Administrator long ago frittered away the possibility of anything resembling success–success being a stable regime not inimical to Western interests–while he played Army Men in Baghdad.


The other thing to stop being surprised at is that generals want more troops.

Of course, generals want more troops.

Generals always want more troops.


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