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We Need Single Payer (Updated) 1

But anything would be better than what we’ve got.

A old man, just a tad older than I, walks into an emergency room, complains of pains consistent with heart trouble, gets told to wait, and dies an hour later in the waiting room. From Will Bunch:

You know, I listen to a lot of talk radio and the other places where people are talking healthcare reform a lot of the time these days, and these conversations, quite frankly, tend to be dominated by affluent suburbanites who have decent health coverage — as long as they’re not laid off, anyway — and access to state-of-the-art hospitals in safe communities, people who can’t understand why there is a push for changing things in the country. And there are people like Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina who thinks that just showing up at the hospital is a perfectly fine way of receiving healthcare. No one is speaking loudly enough for the Joaquin Riveras.


According to the Inky, Rivera died 11 minutes into his visit to the ER; 49 minutes passed before anyone noticed (except, of course, for the three losers who heisted his watch).


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  1. Karen

    December 3, 2009 at 10:55 am

    True story: Having insurance doesn’t always mean you’ll be cared for.

    White male in his mid-60’s walks into Kaiser-Permanente clinic in Mesquite, Tx., complaining of chest pains. Clinic SENDS HIM HOME, where he dies 4 hours later from a massive coronary. Kaiser settled with my sister-in-law’s  mother-in-law for $100,000.00 while admitting no guilt. This was in the mid 90’s.

    “Managed care” along the Kaiser lines is worse than nothing. Mr. Leslie paid out the wazoo for “cadillac coverage” that did no good.