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Facebook Frolics 0

Details at the link.

Facebook Inc. was sued over allegations it systematically intercepts its users private messages on the social network and profits by sharing the data with advertisers and marketers.

When users compose messages that include links to a third-party website, Facebook scans the content of the message, follows the link and searches for information to profile the message-sender’s Web activity, violating the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and California privacy and unfair competition laws, according to the suit.

Three words.

Terms. of. Service.

I find the Zuckerborg to be as skeevy as the Republican preoccupation with the sex lives of others, but, once you agree to the TOS, you have given away your privacy. You’ve given them permission to watch you run naked through the innerwebs.

(In case you wonder, that’s why you seldom see me on Facebook–if I didn’t use it to pimp this blog, I’d have deleted all my data and left there long ago. That’s also why my FB page is mostly blog posts and photographs and why I visit there only in a “private” tab that, when I close it, deletes all the Facebook tracking cookies.)


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