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Missing the Target 0

Ernest Hooper is optimistic.

Gun control needs to be more about controlling the mentality of gun owners and less about the sale of guns.

A gun emboldens, so we end up with murders in movie theaters instead of an annoyed attendee changing seats.

He misses the point. There is an industry devoted to creating that mentality.

Gunnuttery has nothing to do with protection or rights. “Self-defense” is a smokescreen. The NRA (aka the “Firearms Marketing Group”) fosters the gun nut mentality, which is a weird combination of bone-chilling fear of Everyone in the World with a dash of High Noon, a hint of ED, and, in some cases, a dollop of sadism, so as to sell guns. Scaredy-cats are easy marks.

In gun nut world, fear is a marketing strategy.


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