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The Snaring Economy, Dude-Bro Dept. 0

At Psychology Today Blogs, Charles Johnson considers the culture of Uber (and many other Silicon Valley outfits). A snippet:

The deplorable actions of Mr. Kalanick (who resigned as Uber’s president under fire for being a generally deplorable human being–ed.), as well as many of his executives, all seem to stem from Uber’s ‘cultural malady,’ which Dan Lyons dubbed “bro culture” in the New York Times.

Bro culture fosters an environment where companies are run much like a fraternity house. It’s perfectly laid out in its infamous 14 core cultural values, which includes super-pumpedness, meritocracy/toe-stepping, and always be hustlin’.

A web search tells me that there is a lack of clarity as to what Uber’s “14 core values” may actually be. The clearest list(s) I was able to find are–er–somewhat less than coherent, as could be expected from a bunch of dude-bros with a morning-after hangover.


On a radio show I heard recently, the host asked a caller, “What do you do for a living?” The caller responded, “I”m a Lyft driver.”

For Pete’s shake, if you do it for a living, it’s not sharing, it’s employment, and should be regulated accordingly.

The whole “sharing economy” thing is a con and a scam to avoid both obeying labor laws and treating employees like employees.


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